Coming back to school from Spring Break can be a major buzz-kill, especially when you’ve traveled to areas that are the ideal vacation spot for both warm weather and fun-filled moments. I can just imagine the pain now: getting off that airplane and back into that New England lifestyle. Thankfully, spring is here and, hopefully, for the long run. The beginnings of spring can be a confusing time though for a lot of people out there. It’s too cold to wear shorts and no jackets, but it’s too warm for heavy coats and sweaters. Finding the perfect balance between winter and summer is everything that encompasses the springtime, putting that same balance into your wardrobe should be no different.

Here we have this Fashionista balancing that blend impeccably. What I love most about this outfit is that while it isn’t over the top and relatively consistent, it still fully masters the transitions of springtime colors and layering craft. The quilted jacket comes in an olive green hue that is a perfect spring staple for the warmer weather, still effective to retain warmth but still light enough to move around in stylishly without being so restricted. The blouse permits an air of fun and casualness with its polka-dot pattern—a very chic choice for an on-the-go person.

When it comes to spring, the choice of footwear is very important. With snow melting and immense rain, riding boots are definitely a great choice for those beginning weeks of the spring. Perhaps my favorite aspect about this entire look is our Fashionista’s use of her Vera Bradley tote bag. From the colors to the design, she has nailed this spring look effortlessly while heading to class.

One Simple Change: As the warmth outside increases, try transitioning your clothing patterns to fit the aura of summer. Change the polka-dots to a floral print; it’s brighter and encompasses the merriment of the season.