Light jackets, casual T-shirts and your favorite sneakers. The perfect combination to take on the wonderful season we call spring! I love this season simply because you can still hold on to the layering techniques you fancied while picking your wardrobe in the winter. Of course, the only difference is you now have to be subtle while layering, although that can very well be a good thing, because you no longer have to face those harsh winter conditions, bracing for warmth every step you make.

Spring is the fine equilibrium of all the four seasons. Allowing you to truly shine in your fashion sense as a Fashionista, giving you the opportunity to dabble in new trends and prepare for the summer.

What I love most about this Fashionista and her look is that it explicitly expresses my entire motto in a nutshell. Comfortability meets style.

Wearing an olive green military jacket over a light weight basic grey T-shirt, the Fashionista created a feminine military style look. What I loved most was the amount of pockets the jacket possessed and the accented gold zippers on the jacket as well. I think both add-ons helped in making the Fashionista look edgier, giving her a military chic look.

Finishing the look off, she wore black jeans and a pair of classic white Converse.

Her accessories where a big part of her outfit, as well. Wearing gold plated bracelets, a silver ring, necklace and a handmade bracelet with a silver key complemented the military aesthetic her entire outfit portrayed, finishing with a pair of Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses.

One Simple Change: Take this outfit from day to night; ditching the glasses and swapping the shoes for a nice pair of wedges will do the trick.