So the weather is changing and you’re wondering what to wear. It isn’t particularly warm or cold, so it gets confusing deciding what outfit to choose. Your appearance determines how people first look at you and how you feel about yourself. If you’re wearing something you’re not comfortable in than it can affect your mood or thoughts about yourself. When people see you on campus, how do you want them to view you? Well, this Fashionista dresses perfect for the spring weather on campus.

For the days on campus when it’s warm but still windy, it can be tough deciding what to wear. This Fashionista wore a navy blue striped blouse with a cow-neck collar. There are small buttons attached to the collar to add small details to the striped blouse. Her jeans add the perfect touch of color to her spring outfit. Spring season is a great opportunity to break out your colored jeans and add some flare to your campus outfits.

This Fashionista completes her spring outfit with faded brown booties, which are simple but add the perfect touch. They bring an element of length to her legs and class to her wardrobe. They add a feminine touch and are a great addition to her colored jeans.

Follow this Fashionista’s wardrobe to dress for success this spring season. Combining stripes, colored jeans and booties is a great way to dress for the weather this spring season.

One Simple Change: You want to go on a date with that cute boy in your science class after class? Switch out that navy striped shirt with a silky black V-neck blouse, and you’re ready for a fabulous night out.