Finally, the grass is visible again. After a late and harsh winter here in Kentucky, we once again start to have more faith in the sun’s ability to warm our skin. However, springtime can be a difficult time in college. We have to dress warm in order to drag ourselves to our early morning classes but we’ll end up sweating off a layer later in the day when the sun decides to make its appearance. Life is hard! Deciding on your day’s outfit in the morning is like a checklist: it must be comfortable, practical, trendy and transitional.

These factors are achieved perfectly by this particular Fashionista. She took advantage of the warmer sunshine and wore the perfect outfit for spring. Her loose gray T-shirt is the perfect casual top for classes. In order to keep warm in the brisk morning, she added an army green jacket, lightweight enough to be wearing all day long.

Dark wash jeans are my favorite item that can go from day to night with ease. This Fashionista cuffs her jeans at the bottom in order to give her shoes that extra attention. Her snakeskin design sneakers were my favorite part of the outfit. They made the outfit look chic enough to be in a modern safari. Many designers are bringing back animals prints (cheetah is a neutral, right?) and this Fashionista did not hesitate to go for it!

The durability of her Patagonia backpack makes it easy to pack up everything she needs to excel in her classes. During these drizzling days here in the Blue Grass, it’s important that she had her white umbrella to save her from the rain while walking to classes. This Fashionista makes it easy to follow in her footsteps to ace the perfect outfit for spring.

One Simple Change: Planning on catching happy hour with your girls after that big test you had? Ditch the backpack and grab your perfect black purse to go keep the outfit strong!