If the smell of the Bradford pear trees doesn’t give away the fact that it is spring, then I know the ever-present spring floral trends must. Spring trends are my favorite ones to watch, not only because we are one step closer to summer, but because most people begin to feel really good about themselves when warm weather hits and you can tell by their outfits.

This Fashionista had a really cool 1970s vibe going on and I couldn’t help but notice it. She paired a beautiful sea foam green skirt with a white lace crop top and nude heels, keeping the outfit simple and breezy for the weather. I found this Fashionista on a Sunday, so she was a little dressed up for class, but her outfit was simple enough to where she could add a different shoe to wear on another occasion.

Her hairstyle was my favorite part about her entire ensemble. Many people are afraid to do different things with their hair out of the fear that people might make fun of them. This Fashionista dove headfirst into a creative hairstyle and was so confident about it. I loved it. Her confidence made her Minnie Mouse-esque hairstyle so much cooler (not that it wasn’t cool before).

During the spring, try and change up your wardrobe. If you’re an all-black wearer in the fall and winter months, try and add a few pops of color to your wardrobe. If you’re strictly a Nike shorts and T-shirt Fashionista, then add a skirt or two. I promise, you will feel great and you will begin to find yourself in your own style.

One Simple Change: During the spring, the nights still can get a bit chilly. If you end up going to an outdoor event, like a cookout celebration, add a cute blazer to keep warm. Your outfit will stay in your range of style and you won’t regret baring your legs on a chilly night.