There is no more beautiful sight than that of a snowless campus. The icebergs that plagued parking lots and icy patches that terrorized the sidewalks have been replaced by oodles of puddles. In spring, I love wearing my shiny gray rain boots and khaki canvas coat as I splash my way to class. Spring may be the perfect time to invest in a good pair of rain boots, a rain coat and an umbrella. Sitting with wet socks and clothes during class is never an enjoyable time. Some shoe brands that have particularly cute rain boots for this season are Hunter Boot and Joules. Along with these weather appropriate items, it is also fun to spice up your wardrobe with some new, lightweight pieces. With the weather warming up, Fashionistos and Fashionistas alike can finally retire their bulky parkas for the season and opt for some lighter layers.

This Fashionisto springs into the season with his tweed vest and light blue button-down. The tweed material of his vest gives additional warmth while providing a unique texture for his look. Beneath his charcoal vest, a blue button-down pops with color. Since spring is all about bringing color back into your wardrobe, the layering of bright blue beneath gray gives a subtle nod to the upcoming season. For shoes, this Fashionisto went with a classy black and leather pair of sneakers.

One Simple Change: To transition this spring look into something more appropriate for a date night, this Fashionisto could start by swapping his sneakers for a nice pair of brown dress shoes. For a warmer and classier feel, he could switch his tweed vest out for a charcoal, wool peacoat.