The snow is melting, flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping. This can only mean one thing—spring has finally sprung! It’s time for us to put our puffy coats and UGGs in the back of our closets where they can stay until next November. Although every Fashionista is eager to pack up our heavy winter sweaters and wool socks come the first sign of spring, there are a few essentials we need to keep in mind that are necessary for the first month of spring.

After being trapped indoors due to cold, harsh winters, us Midwesterners impatiently await the first ray of sun to appear so we can get outside and enjoy the warm weather. Spring weather calls for trading out your clunky snow boots for a pair of TOMS shoes or sandals and swapping your heavy fleece sweater for a lighter cardigan. While we want to go all out and get rid of our winter-worthy pieces, there are a few items from your winter collection that should remain in your spring wardrobe.

As our Fashionista shows, we will not receive May flowers until we have endured April showers. As much as we hate it, in order to enjoy the sunny and blooming spring season, we have to brave the initial part of spring: the rain. Spring showers do not mean we should throw on a hoodie and hope that we don’t get soaked, but they give us an opportunity to show that we can dress our best—even when it is drizzling rain outside.

Our Fashionista is fully prepared to take on the rain in her cute and functional spring ensemble. Sporting items that she has translated from her winter wardrobe to her spring collection, our Fashionista shows that keeping a couple items around from the winter months is a smart idea. Her dark purple puffer vest, worn over a light gray knitted sweater, is the perfect ensemble that allows her to keep warm as the rainy spring air can be chilly at times. Keeping her look simple, she kept cozy and dry in her black leggings and Hunter Rain Boots. Last, but definitely not least, her bright polka-dotted umbrella adds a pop of color to her toned-down look on a gloomy, rainy day.

Who knew that you could achieve a cute spring look simply by using a couple pieces from your winter wardrobe? Keeping around thin sweaters, vests, leggings and rain boots for the first couple months of spring will allow you to dress for whatever the spring weather throws your way.

One Simple Change: Need to add some extra warmth to your feet and calves? Try a pair of high socks like these or Hunter Rain Boot cable knit socks like this for a warm, put together look.