Maybe D.C. hasn’t gotten the memo, but it’s supposed to be spring. The weather hasn’t quite made it into the upper temperatures yet, so dressing for this transitional time can be a bit tricky. You don’t want to wear your huge winter coat, but it’s also too cold to break out your favorite shorts. This strange weather can fluctuate almost 20 degrees in one day, so what’s a girl to wear?

This Fashionista has struck the prefect balance with her spring look. For the chillier mornings, she has a Barbour coat to keep her warm. This classic jacket’s weight is in between a puffy winter coat and a light denim jacket, so it’s the ideal outerwear choice for the finicky spring weather we’re experiencing. Under the dark jacket, a pop of pink gives a glimmer of color to make the look very spring-appropriate. A light sweater like this Fashionista’s is another great piece to wear in this transitional period. Its vivid pink color goes great with the different hues of pink in her scarf and makes the yellows and greens stand out as well. To keep with the pink theme, her pink flats are an adorable and practical footwear choice. They keep the outfit fun and bright even if she were to zip up her jacket during the course of the day. Her dark rinse skinny jeans break up the color and give the look some more muted color, allowing the sweater, scarf and shoes to really take center stage here. She kept her jewelry very simple with a watch, some small gold bracelets and the Tory Burch Fitbit she wears everyday.

Dressing for this in-between weather can be a bit tricky and even frustrating at times, but you can use the uncertainty to your advantage, like this Fashionista did, and combine your favorite spring pieces with some warmer items to achieve the perfect look.

One Simple Change: As the weather warms up and we enter summer, you can still rock a look like this. Simply ditch the jacket and swap the jeans and flats for some shorts and sandals!