It’s time to take out your jean jackets, folks. We’ve got that brisk lakeshore breeze, and I think I saw some sun? I know—I forgot what natural light looked like, too. But it’s time to crawl out of our holes because spring is here!

So rub out your weary eyes, and take a look at the masterpiece at hand. This Fashionisto rocks some killer spring attire, and his denim jacket says it all. It’s a classic, all-American statement piece that operates as a perfect transitional layer in between seasons. Plus, it just looks super cool. Am I right? Keeping his look polished and sleek, this fella gives off that geek-chic vibe, especially with the timeless jacket and plaid button-down.

Not only does the flannel keep him warm on chilly spring days like these, but it also brightens up the look, making it less denim-focused. I’m happy to say that he avoided recreating the Britney and Justin denim takeover of 2001. I want to give this Fashionisto a shoutout for deciding not to wear a denim fedora. Sorry, Justin.

This Fashionisto looks slightly retro with his large rectangular frames, button-down and jacket, but he keeps things current with his floral print Nike Janoskis and graphic T-shirt. I dig the retro-modern juxtaposition going here; it keeps things refreshing. The modern pieces offer great outlets for self-expression. Janoskis come in an array of colors and patterns, so I ensure that you’ll find a pair that suits your personality. Try opting for a brightly colored pair, perfect for spring. Graphic T-shirts, as us Fashionistas/os know, are probably the most abundant trend out there. Choose one that advertises your favorite band or a witty catchphrase. Either way, you’ll share a little piece of yourself with the world, and that’s always the goal at the end of the day, right?

One Simple Change: When summer arrives, trade the long sleeve button-down for another shirt with shorter sleeves, and tie the jacket around your waist. There’s an awesome patterned selection of these bad boys online, and I really think you need one.