Black on black was huge on the runways of fall 2015. From Alexander Wang to Valentino to Stella McCartney, everyone is in favor of dressing like a member of the Addams family. So, how does one dress completely in black for the season of sunshine and flowers?

This Fashionisto was spotted in the streets of San Francisco dressed in head-to-toe black, but upon closer inspection, you will notice elements that work extremely well for spring. For instance, his hat is of a straw material that brings to mind days well-spent lazing by the beach or weekends in Napa strolling through vineyards. The black band around his hat flows seamlessly into his all-black ensemble.

Now, the key to black on black dressing is pairing different textures of black together, as it makes for an interesting dynamic instead of a drab outfit. This Fashionisto is a perfect example of dressing in all-black with different textures. His leather jacket paired with a cotton shirt and a pair of denim jeans is a combination of three different textures. The black accents of his socks did not break up the flow of his jeans to his black Saint Laurent shoes. Instead, it injected a spring quality to his overall look. No look is complete without the right accessories. To edge up his look, he threw on a pair of dark sunglasses with gold detailing that went nicely with his gold ring.

If you are thinking of taking the black on black trend for a spin this spring, why not take a note out of this Fashionisto’s book? You are sure to stand out in the crowd.

One Simple Change: Feeling a tad more casual on that particular day? Opt for a pair of sleek joggers or a snapback to incorporate the athleisure trend and create a comfy look for the library.