Before moving to Los Angeles, winter was the ugly six or seven months out of the year that haunted Midwesterners. I did my time; I lived in the suburbs of Chicago. One thing that kept me going during the countless hours spent shoveling my driveway, was the recurring daydreams of the warm weather ahead. Insert sounds of birds chirping, lawn mowers roaring and kids playing outside. It was like a constant montage of spring memories playing on a loop. Since I’ve bypassed arguably one of the worst winters to date, I have struck gold with the California sunshine—which I am never leaving.

While I never lived on a college campus growing up, this Fashionista is how I envisioned university springtime fashion. Giving a lesson in neutrals, her layers are an easy-going combination of beige and cream with a pop of pastel. She keeps her look casual with tie waist pants and strappy sandals. However, my favorite part of her outfit is the effortless duster she used to top off her look. It’s lightweight, colorful and made with the softest fabric—perfect for the ebbs and flows of the approaching months.

Be it a park side picnic with your gal pals or a family get-together, spring weather should never be wasted; it’s like fall, a great time of year so many of us love. I know you’re ready for a seasonal break up with winter, so pull out those spring clothes already!

One Simple Change: Spring internships are nearly beginning. Swapping out the crop top for a crisp, white button-down shows style and class in the office.