Say goodbye to black and hello to the rainbow of colors. Spring has sprung and so has the wardrobe of every Fashionista around. From funky colors to the bold and classic color pairings featured in this look, soon the streets are going to be full of color and there is a bright sunshine waiting to accentuate them.

Classic color pairings, such as the one in this look, are classic for a reason. They have such a great contrast and blend but with every look being styled there’s always boundaries that should not be overstepped. Sometimes overstepping boundaries can be considered bold, but most of the time, there’s even boundaries for those boundaries…and so on. In this look, the classic color blend is orange and navy. A perfect color for the sunny spring days that are beginning to sprout. With a color like orange, being sparing with the color through your look is vital. It’s such a bright color as it is. Seeing the lovely color on the bag and shoes is perfect. With navy, as featured in the skirt, being such a dark shade of color, it tones down the bright whites and orange tones featured throughout. It’s important to keep in mind that bright colors are, well, bright. No need to blind the general public.

Overall, I love this look and how well styled it was. This Fashionista knew exactly what she was doing with her color and fabric pairings, and it is totally a ready to wear spring look.

One Simple Change: While springtime may be full of sunshine and bright skies, the nighttime does come around eventually. If you have a colorful and bright look on, it may not translate as well as it would in the sunshine. Changing this look from day to night is simple. A darker colored skirt with a cardigan is a perfect change that is still simple enough to keep from recreating an entirely new look.