Spring Break is over, which marks the end of pretending that Smith seniors aren’t graduating. There’s nothing left in our way, and now we are forced to face the May 17th doomsday date. The last half of the semester, for this Fashionista, is all about finishing strong. This week, she brings out her best leather, her most fun denim and a sassy half-bun to let everyone know she’s a spring semester senior. She’s daring, she’s creative and she’s confident.

I have to draw attention to this Fashionista’s hair. Some could argue this is irrelevant; I argue this is everything. Hair trends on the runways have been getting just as much press as the garments these days. Therefore, her half-bun deserves a word or two. It’s been seen on the likes of Sienna Miller, Julianne Hough and even Kate Middleton. The hairstyle of the moment hasn’t made it’s way across Smith’s campus yet, but with her help, I’m sure it will.

Her cobalt colored infinity scarf grabbed my attention right off the bat. This Fashionista knows how to dress boldly without overdoing it. As a senior, she’s a seasoned pro at dressing for both comfort and style. Her perforated leather slip-ons are a prime example of this. They also match the texture of her top, which took a second look for me to notice (smooth move, Fashionista). Finally, how could you not love that denim? The two-toned acid-wash puts us in check, but the marble effect is a checkmate move in street style. Like I said, seasoned pro. This Fashionista has mastered dressing like a senior in her spring semester. Does she have a post-grad plan? Who cares?

One Simple Change: When it gets warmer out, take off the scarf, and wear colored sneakers. Colored high tops instead of slip-ons would give this look a sporty vibe, and you wouldn’t lose the pop of color otherwise found in the scarf.