So, it’s finally spring despite it feeling like the winter was never going to come to an end. You’re finally able to wear the whole other half of your wardrobe! No longer needing a coat means it’s time to once again put effort into your everyday appearance. Don’t fret about having to take the time to choose an outfit each day. Instead, enjoy being able to once again show off your killer style! This Fashionista was caught sporting the perfect spring look which enabled her to comfortably and stylishly enjoy the first days of the season.

She began the look with her most recently purchased item, a kate spade Saturday ribbed funnel sweater. This she paired with wide-leg pants in a gorgeous orange color. By choosing to wear the turtleneck in a neutral color, she allowed the pants to draw in all of the attention, which they definitely deserved. Also, the wide-leg silhouette of the pants allowed for them to beautifully sway with the spring breeze.

On her feet, the Fashionista wore beige tie ankle boots. Again, she did not want to detract from the focus of her outfit: the orange pants. The last component of her ensemble, a denim jacket, was the perfect finishing touch. It was still a bit on the chillier side, making it hard to go out without some form of outerwear. Though it may not seem like the most obvious pairing, the complementary colors of her jacket and pants are what made the ultimate springtime outfit complete.

One Simple Change: Want to finally show off that flawless pedicure you’ve been hiding away all winter? Throw on some strappy, flat sandals! By simply changing your footwear you have a more casual look that’s perfect for hanging out on the weekend.