Have you ever experienced writer’s block? You just stare at your blank computer screen and hope words will magically come to you. Writer’s block seems to be a regular occurrence in spring. Perhaps it’s the warm weather that makes me gaze out the window rather than complete my papers and projects for the semester. Spring weather entices me to go outside and offers so many possibilities for style. There are warm days, chilly days and all the weather in between. In winter, you are restricted to strictly warm clothes. Spring weather offers more flexible layering pieces to accompany the changing weather.

While walking to class, I ran into this Fashionista on a chilly, spring day. There was a lot of wind and chill to the air. This Fashionista wears a long sleeve dress with an uneven hemline. The uneven hem gives life to the dress and adds movement. For warmth against this chilly day at University of Delaware, she adds a white puffer vest. Worried about losing your vest or simply want everyone to know you have awesome initials? Monogram it! Her cool toned statement necklace pair nicely with the blue dress. Gold jewelry can be found on her wrists. To keep the outfit carefree and to add a bit of edge to the look, she rocks her black combat boots.

One Simple Change: Love the vest and dress combo but the weather is warmer? Tuck away the puffer vest and try this vest instead! Depending on the climate, a lighter material vest could totally work over this dress. As long as the textiles of the garments are lightweight and breathable, you are good to go!