It is finally that time of the year when the calendar tells us it is officially spring and the coming of warmer days. Despite what the calendar confesses, the true definition of spring and its weather is labeled as highly unpredictable and can change without a moment’s notice. While one day the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s student population may be laying out on Bascom Hill or Library Mall, the next day could bring three to five inches of snow only to be melted away by rain the day after. The cyclical nature of spring in Wisconsin calls for a flexible wardrobe, and a transitional one at that.

This Fashionista captures the best of both worlds in spring: stylishly unpredictable, yet harnessing cool and warm weather climates at once. While sporting a wool coat, the look has both the lightness and darkness of cold and hot with the contrasting black and white checkered pattern. Additionally, the printed scarf gives some warmth, but at the same time, the print has opposing black and white combination. Beyond her outerwear, the wardrobe is neutral with the seasons including her faded denim jeans and an oversized gray sweater, paired with a brightly printed backpack and boots.

Dressing for spring can be difficult at times, but this Fashionista has balanced both temperature spectrums in the spring season. This is accomplished by using bold hot and cold colors together. Even more, the elements themselves create a balance such as the warmth of a scarf, yet the lighter tones of spring in the palette. Likewise, the warmth of faded denim jeans have a cooler quality that hint at a warmer, but still cool day. As this Fashionista has done, the use of contrasting elements completes the style, especially when in between seasonal differences that are highly unpredictable.

One Simple Change: The weather continues to warm up; however, there are April showers to come, so what to wear now? Perhaps switching a bold wool coat for a trench that is just as fun will do the trick.