There are more and more nice days in Pittsburgh even though the temperatures are still low. It is officially the spring season, which brings anticipation and excitement for lightweight fashion. The sundresses and shorts aren’t broken out of our closets yet, but we can at least shed a few layers. We can happily say goodbye to our puffy coats and snow boots for a couple months. It’s exciting to finally show off fashion that doesn’t involve a winter coat covering it!

Warm weather is approaching, and the temperature varies drastically every day. The end of March and April is definitely a transition period for wardrobes. The solution to this problem is to layer. I know it’s easier said than done! It can be hard to layer fashion from your winter wardrobe with your summer pieces, but this Fashionista does it perfectly. She’s wearing a light denim jacket over a thin white tank top. She is able to wear her light spring fabrics because the jacket keeps her warm. Her burgundy pants look perfect in a fall, winter or spring outfit. She pairs the outfit with trendy boots that will keep her feet warm and fight any unexpected snow or rain. Jean jackets are a fun spring piece, but sometimes it can feel like too much denim. Try pairing the jacket with corduroy or leggings, so there is a balance of material.

This outfit is perfect for weather that is chilly but pleasant. For this kind of spring weather, a light jacket or cardigan will keep you comfortable. You’ll be able to take it off on the move if you need to. Adjustable layers are a must, because you never know what will be perfect for that day until you head outside.

One Simple Change: Planning on going out with friends later? Wear the same outfit, but swap the denim jacket with a leather jacket and the boots with heeled booties. You’ll feel more dressed up, but still comfortable in cooler night temperatures.