Could it be that spring might actually be on its way? Here in the ILM, that usually means that beach weather is not too far behind, and days of wearing your bathing suit under your outfit to class are close to follow! In the meantime, we’ll have to throw on a cardigan or some tights just in case spring leads us astray.

This adorable Fashionista is as ready to see the sunshine as we are. With a lacy dress, you can finally get some of that Vitamin D you’ve been craving. It is easy to incorporate some lace and fishnet-inspired styles into your look as the temperature finally rises. Like this stylish Seahawk, you can throw on a pair of patterned tights beneath a skirt, dress or even a cute pair of jean shorts. What I really love about this ensemble is the layering. The chunky cardigan (like this one!) contrasts so nicely with the darkness of the outfit, and the knit of the sweater adds softness to the look. Paired with an array of arm candy and a lovely, delicate necklace, this outfit is perfect for the first few days of warmth.

One Simple Change: Instead of enjoying the sweet blossoms on campus, you want to head downtown this weekend? Keep rocking the lace! Try something bold but still structured to flatter your body and your natural waist like this little romper.  You can show off some leg but still feel comfortable all night long, listening to the country music that seems mandatory with weather this nice.