The sun, the flowers, the… pollen; it’s spring once again. And while northern states are still bracing the freeze, Florida residents are breaking out their shorts and SPF 75 sunscreen. Just as we built up a cold weather wardrobe, we must break it down, cut those sleeves off and adapt. Us clever Fashionistas/os know that buying a few staple seasonal pieces will go a long way.

While I ignorantly wore jeans without realizing the heat wave rolling in, this Fashionista caught my jealous eye. She perfectly captured the playfulness of spring; a vision in flowers. I know what you’re thinking, “Wow, floral for spring—groundbreaking.” However, a little floral print sprinkled into a fun wardrobe is never a style faux pas. Matching separates have risen out of the depths of the ‘70s and become the current obsession. They come in a multitude of prints for people of all tastes—an eye print for the daring, a minimalistic print for the understated and a tropical print for the vibrant. The best part about them is the translatability of each piece into other outfits. Try pairing the skirt with a snug, black crop top with a high neck à la Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider. How about nixing the floral skirt for a black, fitted midi alternative? The flexible nature of this look will help stretch your wardrobe for the ensuing seasons.

In this season of temperatures hitting the high 80’s, lugging around a heavy tote is just unreasonable. This Fashionista opted instead for an easy cross-body bag with just enough space for the necessities. I loved her ‘70s style chunky sandal. Spring is a season of freedom from clothing and accessory constraints, so shoes that are easy to walk in are a must. It is important to make the most out of every season despite opposition to temperatures and the like. Buy a few good pieces, cut your hair short, maybe get a flower tattoo and dive into spring like you mean it.

One Simple Change: Still feel like winter where you live? Ditch the sleeveless top for a sleeved option, throw on a pair of knee-highs and you are good to go.