Shades of browns, whites and greens make for a look inspired by Mother Earth herself. Although earth tones are acceptable in any season and for almost any occasion, I find them most fitting in seasons like spring and fall. A good earth tone ensemble reminds me of the fresh life coming up in spring. In fall, earth tones hone in on that raw feeling of beautiful autumn days and trees losing their leaves.

This Fashionista perfectly paired her classic striped top with a more trendy and edgy military jacket. Adding layers to an outfit naturally draws the eye in and can peak people’s interest more so than a simple, solid colored T-shirt. This Fashionista avoided a mundane outfit by sporting a striped T-shirt to provide a contrast between her top and her jacket. By adding the pattern, she also feminized a jacket that could otherwise be portrayed as more masculine. What really tips the scale towards the earth toned outfit is her scarf. The combo of mocha and green with the hints of white in her top is reminiscent of earth tones and makes me hopeful for spring.

Her bright red beanie initially caught my attention. The day was gloomy and overcast, making her beanie really pop out. While other students may be sporting dreary and boring colors during the lingering end-of-winter phase, make a statement by wearing a pop of color to brighten the day.

One Simple Change:  Are you looking for a brighter, summer transition look? Opt for a floral print top to add a bit of spring to your outfit. A green military jacket, such as this Fashionista’s, can be tricky to coordinate colors with, but a floral print always looks fabulous.