Spring has officially sprung and this Fashionista has taken a little bit of ’90s and combined it with some European influence to create a unique silhouette for spring. By incorporating a few of her London favorites alongside some staples from the days of denim, boy bands and jellies sandals, her outfit is one that speaks to her individual style.

Adding a little grunge, inspired by the Vivienne Westwood era, this week’s Fashionista, Rachel, started with a London staple— Dr. Martens. To help achieve a warm weather silhouette she paired her bold pair of Docs with a ’90s classic, the skort. However, this is not the horrendous, bright blue, jean skort that pops into our head the minute we hear the word itself. With a more fashion-forward, asymmetrical overlay it serves as an interesting take on a ’90s classic, but with much more refined style.

Pairing it with a white sleeveless crop top, it adds a brighter contrast to the more neutral bottom.  Further inspired by some childhood favorites, by adding a denim jacket over her crop top adds a little more color while keeping it comfortable and casual.

To finish things off and keeping the accessorizing to a minimum, pairing two gold necklaces of different lengths and weights adds some depth while breaking up the solid colors present throughout the rest of the outfit. As much as we all hate to admit it sometimes, denim is back in style and more prominent than ever when it comes to jackets and vests. It’s extremely versatile and is just sometimes too good to say no to. In this case our Fashionista sports it perfectly by finding a good fit for her frame and keeping the rest of the outfit relatively fitted. By opting for gold jewelry, there is not too much contrast or attention brought to only one aspect of her outfit, but instead fills a blank space and adds color to a white backdrop.

This Fashionista has perfected a look that suits her style while taking inspiration from past eras and other parts of the world to fashion an outfit that stands out from what we typically see, yet can be modified and tweaked to suit anyone’s taste. If one thing’s for sure, it’s safe to say that there is no pressure to stick to the spring staples and do what has already been done; but rather find a style that suits you and make it your own; whether that be looking at other parts of the world, or rummaging through your closet to find that jean jacket from third grade that you just could bare to part ways with.

One Simple Change: Grab a fitted tank or V-neck while swapping the Dr. Martens for a pair of wedges, and you have yourself a more formal, sophisticated spring outfit perfect for a dinner party or night out on the town.