Yesterday, the thermostat hit 50 degrees at St. Bonaventure. After a winter of below 30 wind chills and endless mountains of snow, this relatively balmy weather was definitely welcomed. Students could finally shed their winter coats and toasty boots for more lightweight ensembles. This week’s Fashionista took advantage of the warmer weather and wore an outfit perfect for the beginning of spring.

Her black and white, striped T-shirt was lightweight, perfect for a spring day and gave off that Parisian vibe that always looks chic. To keep her warm, as the morning was brisk, she wore an olive colored jacket. I loved how the gold buttons popped against the green and how the multiple pockets gave the outfit a utilitarian look. The eggplant color of her pants was gorgeous and stood out among a sea of blue denim. The deepness of the colors of the jacket and pants added richness to the outfit. A pair of simple, black boots played off the black in her T-shirt. For accessories, she loaded on bracelets, a large watch, a dainty feather necklace and a few rings for an eclectic edge.

Because the mornings can often be cold, especially at the beginning of spring, it’s important to have a spring jacket. A jacket in a solid color, like this Fashionista’s olive jacket, is easiest to work with because it can be paired with any outfit. It can add warmth to a dress, skirt or pants. A pair of colored pants is also a good investment because spring is the time to put away the neutrals and express the colors of the blooming flowers in your outfits. Your hands will no longer have to be protected by gloves, so spring is also a great time to layer on the bracelets and rings for some arm and finger candy.

One Simple Change: What if April showers start early and a drizzle begins to fall upon your springtime outfit? A rain coat or rain boots will keep you dry and warm.