Spring is finally here. After beating the record of snowiest season ever with 108.6 inches, everyone is glad that it is getting warmer. People on campus are putting away their winter coats and taking out their sandals and cardigans.

This Fashionista is a perfect example of how to transition into spring. She decided to go with a classic look, taking into account the weather. The mistake some people make is to assume that because it is spring, they can start wearing sundresses right away. The weather is still fluctuating so it is better to be safe and keep warm. This Fashionista sported a white shirt with a black coat she could easily remove if she got too hot. In addition, she added a pair of comfortable jeans that she found in the garment district and brown boots to finish the ensemble.

She then accessorized by adding a small brown backpack, round glasses, a necklace and black headphones hanging from her neck. Her accessories bring her outfit together, giving a boho vibe as she walked the campus, as well as showing her creative personality.

One Simple Change: Having a girl’s night out after class? Don’t worry. You can swap your brown boots for a classic pair of black booties. Also, you can change your coat for a cute blazer, which could vary in color. You could go for black or in the spirit of spring, you can try a yellow or red blazer. It will sure make your friends turn their eyes when they see you!