As we all know, florals for spring are groundbreaking. That was sarcasm just in case you did not get the little The Devil Wears Prada reference. Spring is that wonderful time of year where you see all the beautiful flowers bloom, and the weather starts becoming sunny and 75. Just because the season symbolizes florals and pastels does not mean that what you choose to wear during this time has to reflect that.

This Fashionista I spotted is wearing a black and white look that you typically would not expect in the spring, which immediately caught my eye. It looks good because of the risks taken in the outfit. For example, we all love that the overalls look has come back. Although this is true, I rarely see people wearing them. Overalls are also thought of in the context of being denim and for summer days. This was a unique spin on the classic overall look. This was executed well because of the combination of the form-fitting, white turtleneck and the chic black overalls. This Fashionista flipped the tradition on its head and made it into a classic cool girl look that everyone should take note of.

Another interesting thing in this outfit is the fun socks and sandals trend. Most of the times I have seen this trend, it has been a statement to an outfit. This shows a way that you can make it tie in well with your look, and wear the cute trend casually.

The last lesson to be learned from this look is to always keep a classic statement of yourself in every look you have. Personally, I always wear three small, thin hoop earrings. This Fashionista kept her glasses in the look which made this look even more her.