May 13th, 2016 at 2:00am

These boots are made for walking!  Woah, it’s spring.. Figures, it’s typical midwestern weather and one day it’s in the mid-70’s and the next it’s 45 degrees out with a chance of flurries.  What can you do?  It’s officially the season of white or off-white pants.  I photographed this Fashionista on a more wintery spring day.  I was able to photograph her in between the rain storms, but she still killed it.  I would really like to focus and emphasize white pants for this spring season because there’s many ways to dress them up or down and wear them correctly in general.

Firstly, this Fashionista is rocking a pair of mid-rise cream jeans. I really like the ripped knees and the pants are a bit cropped at the bottom, which add a nice touch. They’re the perfect staple to any spring look. Unfortunately, due to inclement weather our Fashionista had to pair this look with a light parka.

Secondly, the Fashionista’s gray ankle booties are incredibly cute and dress up this look a lot.  The heel is high enough to give it a little extra oomph, but also enough to tone it down as well. I also really really like this Fashionista’s backpack.  I love the light orange leather color.  It’s simple yet practical and it gets the job done. It holds your books along with looking cute and doing the dang thing.

Thirdly, this Fashionista’s paired her amazing pants with a light black fleece, which would’ve looked nice if weather permitted. All together, this Fashionista pulled together an A+ look for the midwestern weather we had to work with here this day and she looked cool, calm and collected.

One Simple Change: One piece I would add to change up this look a bit is a kimono to pair with the top. It would make the outfit as a whole a bit more feminine and fun looking. You could pair as bright of a kimono and pattern-less as you want or vice versa.  Make it cute, flirty, and fun for those cool nights!