After tiring weeks of studying for finals in the library, all a college student wants is a beautiful spring day. Alongside studying came the countless sweatpants and T-shirts we wore, which just makes spring style even more desirable. Now, it is time to celebrate and throw all of those boring sweatpants into a fire pit, and say goodbye to the semester. As the school year comes to an end, bring the colors of spring into your outfits. There’s nothing that declares a celebration for spring more than wearing a colorful dress, top or even shoes.

This beautiful Fashionista clearly demonstrates that dark clothing is in the past. She welcomed spring with opened arms, by wearing a dress with multi-colored patterns. Although many people know that bright colors are perfect for spring, this dress is truly special because of its lace detailing. Lace is so delicate, classy and gorgeous which makes it a staple piece for spring. Plus, this look is not hard to pull off. All you need is a colorful statement piece in your outfit to look spring ready.

Since this Fashionista decided to showcase the spring season in a dress, all she had to worry about was what accessories and shoes to pair it with. She paired her dress with simple gold sandals. The bright dress attracts so much attention, which means there is no need to wear flashy sandals with it. She left the focus on her dress. Finally, she added a  gold watch which completes this beautiful, girly look.

One Simple Change: Spring season also means graduation season. Whether you’re attending a graduation or it is time for your graduation, you can use this look for an outfit. All you have to do is switch out the sandals for a pair of heels or wedges for a dressier look.