May 16th, 2016 at 2:00am

As April showers bring May flowers, spring into your closet and grab some gear for the warmer weather. Run your fingers through pastel-colored fabrics of lighter, more fluid textiles than what you’ve been wearing so far this semester. Temperatures have a tendency to fluctuate between 40 and 80 degrees this time of year and this can make getting dressed in the morning appear to be a daunting challenge. This Fashionista slips on her gladiator sandals to stand her ground and showcase an effortless spring style that combats a range of temperatures.

Strutting around in the spring air has never been easier with this Fashionista’s look. She makes use of those all-weather friendly jeans by rolling them up for a cooler look. The lace etched out in the burgundy fabric of her halter top produces a more feminine essence to this style as well as a softer feel for spring. Her mid-length crochet cardigan frames up the look and allows her skin to breath if the temperatures begin to peak in the 70 or 80 degree mark. The color scheme of this look is effortlessly balanced with contrasting monochromatic brown and metallic hues. Her gladiator sandals have shiny studs on top that complement her necklaces. Her sunglasses even take part in this color scheme as they protect her eyes from ultraviolet rays and reflect the light back out away from her, calling all eyes to her spotlight.

One Simple Change: Did the weather trick you into thinking it would be this nice all day long? As the warm air sets with the sun and you’re in need of a warmer look, try unrolling the jeans to protect your ankles and swap out those gladiator sandals for a pair of riding boots that you may have already found yourself storing away for next year.