This week the sun is out and temperatures have been reaching 60 degrees. It seems as if spring has finally arrived. Do you know what that means for college campuses? It means saying goodbye to winter coats and hello to a quad full of brightly colored Fashionistas and Fashionistos. Everyone is shedding their layers and replacing them with dresses, tank tops and stylish sunglasses. There is nothing quite like getting to dig to the back of your closet and pulling out your favorite spring attire for the first day of warm weather.

This Fashionista was enjoying some Vitamin C on the quad. Her thin and bold kimono is a great piece for spring. While it is much lighter than a thick cardigan, it will still provide some warmth against the heavy breeze and when temperatures drop with the sun. The mint green and hot pink color in the kimono complements her skin tone and helps her stand out in a sea of Fashionistas. She lets the kimono be the focal point and balances the boldness with simple accessories. Her gold Jack Rodgers and gold and green necklace finish off the preppy spring look. Breaking out the sandals and flip flop is an exciting day for almost all Fashionistas. This Fashionista nails a first day of spring look. If this outfit is any indication of the rest of her spring wardrobe, this Fashionista is going to have one fashionable season.

One Simple Change
: Does your internship meet after class and you need something a little more professional to wear? No worries! Just replace your kimono with a bright blue or pink blazer and you will be ready for the office.