May 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

It’s finally here: spring! After a very strange Pennsylvania winter, I’m glad to be able pull all things lace, floral and short out of my closet. Spring attire is one of my favorites because it’s such a sigh of relief after bundling up in giant parkas and scarves all winter.

This Fashionista is wearing what I would consider the perfect spring outfit. Her main feature, the subtle-patterned kimono is the most versatile piece for the season. Not only is it so adorable, but this piece is so light and flowy that you can throw it on for a little extra warmth when its breezy out. However, it’s light enough to simply jazz up a simple outfit and you won’t overheat.

The kimono is accompanied by some other super cute spring pieces. The Fashionista is wearing a simple transparent white T-shirt and her favorite distressed ankle denim. She then used her accessories to add details to help spice up her outfit even more. Under her white T-shirt, she has on a white halter bralette paired with a silver statement necklace. The necklace is the perfect match to this outfit because it’s not too flashy, but still adds enough to the outfit to jazz it up during the day. To top it all off, she is wearing her everyday black strappy sandals and her floppy black hat, which is the perfect addition to any outfit this season.

One Simple Change: Take off the daytime hat and replace the sandals with your favorite pair of summer heels to get the perfect going out/formal look!