I’m sure you have heard the famous quote from Miss Congeniality in which the girl says her perfect date is April 25th because it’s not too cold and not too hot. It’s perfect because the only thing someone needs is a jacket. The quote couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to dressing for spring.

Spring can be a tough season to dress for because the weather fluctuates every day. This Fashionista has the perfect spring outfit. Since the weather varies a lot in the spring she has a versatile look. Starting with a jacket, like the girl in Miss. Congeniality said, is good for a perfect day. This green jacket is a great transitional piece to have for spring. It works because the weather is too warm for her parka but it’s too cold to run around without an outside layer. She then paired her jacket with a simple T-shirt and jeans. These basics are great for any outfit because they are causal looking and easy to wear. The Fashionista finishes off her look with a cute pair of brown sandals. These sandals match her jacket perfectly and are great for a spring day when the weather is warm.

One Simple Change: Spring can get busy as you are finishing up classes that you must attend to get your attendance points and final projects turned in. Therefore, one change to this look can be to change the sandals for a stylish pair of sneakers. Now you are ready to run around campus to get to class.