April 29th, 2016 at 2:00am

The sun seems to have made an appearance for a week here in the Pacific Northwest.  Living in the Northwest has encouraged me to value the sun and warm weather even more than I used to. With warmer months coming up, this Fashionista has brought a fresh twist on some spring themes.

Coral is a popular color and the chiffon material of the shirt is trendy as well. I feel like many people in Portland, and people in many large cities, may feel the need to wear all black or still stick to cooler colors…but you don’t have to! Wearing one or two bright colors helps you stand out in such a large city, and an added bonus is that you match the blooming flowers that manage to pop up in the concrete city.

This Fashionista has paired a coral blouse with a navy skirt and some red striped TOMS.  I really like the fact that she tucked the blouse into the skirt as it highlights her waist and creates an hourglass figure. The TOMS shoes give it the laid-back vibe and make it easy to transition from going to class, to possibly going out to eat. Also, don’t be afraid to try pairing contrasting colors together! Blue and orange are one of my favorite color combinations to pair together. The blue still has the wintertime feel to it, but the coral balances it out as it is more of a spring color.

One Simple Change: A way to take this outfit from a springtime class outfit to a casual brunch outfit is to switch the skirt out for some light wash jeans. I would leave the shirt untucked and also add in some wedge heels for the extra spring vibe.