Nearly all New Yorkers are unanimously agreeing that this winter has been too cold and has gone on too long. When February turned into March, many were pleased with the rise in temperature that graced the city that never sleeps. On March 20th, we officially started celebrating the beginning of the spring season. I always find a change of season refreshing. It signifies a transition in our seasonal wardrobe staples. As Fashionsta/os retire the blacks, grays and other dark hues into winter storage, they will decorate and adorn their closets with bright colors and lighter fabrics.

This Fashionista must have just cleared her wardrobe to make way for some spring apparel staples. Her outfit is great for the incessantly fluctuating temperatures that seem to characterize the season. Her red dress offers a pop of color to her look. Its fit and flare shape brings an elegant edge to her look. She highlights her piece with a noticeable pair of cowboy boots. This shoe option is great for the spring season. Her feet will stay warm while looking stylish. Her jean jacket is a sight for sore eyes. This outerwear piece is a refreshing reminder to tuck away our heavy jackets in order to make room for our lightweight ones. Lastly, she finishes off her look with a few delicate jewelry pieces. Her long, pendant necklace offers the quintessential addition to her cute style.

One Simple Change: This classic look is one that can be appropriately tailored to each season throughout the year. As the spring melds into summer and you still want to rock this look but you are uncertain as to how to adjust it for warmer days, don’t fear! Throw on a new pair of strappy sandals to perfect your look.