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April 22nd, 2016 at 2:06am

Springtime in Boston is one word: unpredictable. One day it can be sunny, and the next you’re back in a winter wonderland. This Fashionista has found a way to embrace all aspects of Boston’s spring.

When transitioning between seasons it’s best to make subtle changes. Since, drastically going from a bulky winter jacket to a floral skirt is not going to work well. You never know what kind of weather you may be walking through. For Bostonians, layers are a must.

In a sea full of students confused about what to wear during the season transition, I spotted this Fashionista on campus. The majority of her outfit include monochromatic tones, yet still carries over the cool winter vibe. However, her red lipstick and jean jacket add some spring flair. Though it’s subtle, her hand-painted crop top adds a touch of originality to the outfit. Also, her “OK” pin is not only trendy, but relevant to most college students, because at this point in the semester we all know that’s how we are feeling. She also adds a touch of bling with her statement ring and long earrings.

Transitioning between seasons can be a tricky, but also fun time! It opens the door for creativity. Go dust of your spring pieces and mix and match them with your winter wear as you transition into warmer weather.

One Simple Change: Once the weather finally does warm up, this look can easily be transitioned into a summer look. Swap out the jeans for a skirt, and embrace the cool summer nights while looking fabulous!