April 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

Every morning you have a pretty solid routine. You wake up, only to hit snooze on your alarm at least three times because no matter how hard you try, the minutes you ambitiously set aside not to rush yourself will never outweigh your love of sleeping in. After you finally muster the strength to open your eyes, the first thing you do of course is scroll through all your social media feeds; then, you check the weather to see how many layers are needed to bear the cold tundra outside—but today is different. Today it is warm outside. Instead of crawling out of bed, you jump for joy. The dark days of winter are over and spring has finally arrived. However, you quickly come to the realization: “It’s been so long, do I even know what spring is? What do I wear?”

Have no fear—it is time to welcome spring with open arms, shift dresses and sunglasses. If you are hesitant on making the transition from winter to spring, layers are a great way to be prepared for some of spring’s quick temperature changes. This Fashionista does a great job of looking super trendy during the sunny spring days, yet also ready to take on its chilly mornings and evenings. Her look has a cool ‘70s vibe. The base of her outfit is a sleeveless fun paisley-printed shift dress, layered with a dark brown fitted jacket. To add a pop of color, she rocks a funky yellow necklace from Africa. Also, do you remember the knee-high socks that everyone fell in love with in the fall and winter? They are still here and still look fabulous. For this Fashionista, not only do her white knee-high socks look perfect with her faux tan leather booties, but they are breathable for warm temperatures and cover her legs just in case it’s chilly. Of course, no spring outfit would be complete without sunglasses; she tops her look off with some fun circular shades!

One Simple Change: Ready for a night out or a fancier celebration? Exchange the knee-high socks and booties for a pair of wedges to create a less casual look. This easy swap will have you ready in no time!