Like everything else in Philadelphia, the weather is consistently unpredictable. March never fails to keep you guessing about whether a snowstorm or a heat wave will hit. To successfully avoid melting or shivering, most students have come to realize the importance of layering their outfits. While there will always be the occasional weather-confused person rocking shorts and a winter coat (or worse UGGs), many have successfully adapted to weather that can drastically change by the hour.

On days that are incredibly sunny but have a strong wind that keeps you cold when walking around, a scarf is a great solution. Scarves keep you warm, but they’re also easy to take off when you get inside. Spring is the rare time of year when you will see someone wearing sunglasses and a scarf in the same outfit, just like this Fashionista. This scarf works because it is made out of a light material and also matches her awesome, studded tote bag.

The military green jacket is the perfect spring jacket. If she wants she can take it off in class, but it’s light enough so that she can keep it on throughout the day. Green jackets are also great because they work with the majority of pant shades (denim, khaki, black, gray), and I would highly recommend one as a staple for any wardrobe.

The colored accents bring the look together. Gold runs throughout her jacket in the zippers and other details. This matches studs on her bag and earrings as well. Gold is great in the spring and summer simply because it is the warmer alternative to silver. The multi-colored details of her jacket match the colors on the side of her sunglasses. The combination of bright colors bring this look into spring, but do not overwhelm the outfit either.

One Simple Change: When the weather does finally warm up, ditch the scarf and unzip the jacket. This will allow you to show off any of your summer tanks or T-shirts. The green jacket will still keep you warm in case of any random gusts of wind or if you stay out and it gets chilly at night.