April 13th, 2016 at 2:10am

Yes, it is finally spring. Many of us are running to our closets to break out the shorts and tank tops, blissfully ignoring the fact that it is still only 65-degrees out. We become so overzealous that we forget a jacket and end up cold and full of regret once the sun goes down. However, this Fashionisto remembered his jacket, was not full of regret and managed to look stylish as well. That seems like a win in all respects.

Lightweight denim jackets are great for the spring and this Fashionisto is even wearing a lighter wash to complement all the spring colors around him. He manages to make the jacket his own by adding a variety of quirky buttons. The vintage Orioles hat, which he said belonged to his dad, plays off of the buttons and pulls it all together. His tortoise shell sunglasses give the look a dash of class and a nice contrast to the rest of his look.

If you look past the cool denim jacket and accessories, you might think this Fashionisto is going fishing. His preppy fishing fly shorts and abstract graphic T-shirt bring memories of fishing with dad in the summer. To finish off his look, this Fashionsito wears some floral Vans. The Vans are subtle enough to not throw off his entire look, but instead, give it even more character. Plus, the flowers just seal the entire spring deal.

One Simple Change: Got a hot date, but don’t want to change your whole outfit? Ditch the hat and T-shirt and throw on a short sleeve button-down in a solid color or subtle pattern to give the look a more preppy and put together feel.