April 12th, 2016 at 2:10am

Well Fashionista’s, it’s official. March 21st has come and gone and has (hopefully) left us with an abundance of fresh blooms, leaving a lovely scent in the air every time the wind blows. Spring is fashion’s favorite season for one important reason, rebirth. The industry is constantly churning out new styles, colors and overall moods at every point in the year, so it’s particularly effective when the wearers themselves are feeling the need to shed their heavier layers for something more… fresh. (Stick with me long enough and you’ll get many more allusions to metamorphosis).

What caught my eye about this Fashionista wasn’t some sort of statement piece she was wearing, but the overall simplicity of her look. Everything worked together in a classic way, but still somehow felt new. I think the key to her outfit was that all the pieces she wore weren’t new styles, but reinvented ones or even that they felt reinvented by the way she put them together. White pants and a striped top are hardly novelty items, yet the mock neck on her top and the ankle crop of her pants speak to that fashion metamorphosis.

The best example of this idea is her jacket. What’s more classic than a mid wash denim jacket for a college student? You can throw it on over quite literally any outfit and it will likely work. This is why her jacket stayed true to that while hardly allowing her to blend into the crowd. With the proliferation of bomber jackets this winter, a denim version stays on trend but freshens things up a bit for spring.

But above all, it was this Fashionista’s Jeffery Campbell clogs (similar versions here, one with a sleek style and one with buckles) that totally stole the show. Check out that negative space heel! If that’s not a spring update, I don’t know what is.

One Simple Change: Once we head into the even warmer months of summer, this Fashionista can shed the jacket layer and her outfit will still have the same effect.