When traveling around Europe, one must be comfy to walk and site see for hours on end. My rotation is currently in Spain for our last quarter of our semester abroad! I have about 40 days left in Europe, and I am not happy about it! I have grown to love Europe and its beautiful architecture and fashion. After three and a half months in Europe so far, I have visited seven countries, studied in three and I cannot see myself going back to New York; I love Europe too much now! The weather here in Sevilla is in the mid 70’s during the day but drops toward sunset to about 60 degrees, so it is a little hard to dress appropriately without having to sweat or freeze throughout the day.

This Fashionista caught my eye; she has the crazy weather all figured out with her cool, comfy skort. She definitely brought the 2001 Avril Lavigne skater girl look back. Her skort has spring written all over it. Her skater skort was comfortable enough to walk around Sevilla for nine miles, along with her new black sandals. This Fashionista’s black, long sleeve crop top kept her warm for the walk back to campus.

The key to spice up your look is to add some rad accessories and shoes! This Fashionista chose a beautiful turquoise necklace combination to make her look pop. Her polarized Ray-Ban aviators go great along with her black theme.

One Simple Change: I would definitely add some color to her feet. I would pair the black and white top and skort with red Keds, or a red cross-body bag and this new look would be perfect for a brunch date.