April 12th, 2016 at 2:00am

Spring is finally here and thank God it is finally warming up outside. Here in Philadelphia, it may seem warm for a minute, but then the usual giant gust of wind gives you that chill again and messes up your hair completely. Spring is one of those seasons where one day you can rock a sundress, and the next you may want to throw on a scarf. This Fashionista rocked a casual yet insanely cute outfit today while walking the streets of Philadelphia. She caught my eye with her seemingly effortless style.

Wearing light blues and whites, her outfit screamed “spring,” but she still looked comfortable and warm. She had on white Vans sneakers, and all I could think about is “back at it again with the white Vans!” Not sure if this is actually considered a trend due to that viral “Damn Daniel” Vine video, but white Vans sneakers sure do get more attention now…plus they’re pretty RAD.

A lightweight button-down is always a go-to, especially in my closet. It can pretty much be worn in any season, but this light-colored flannel print is definitely the way to go for a typical spring day. It’s comfortable and easy to throw on when you want to go out with some friends or walk around the city like this Fashionista. She was also smart to pair it with some distressed jeans, even more so demonstrating the effortless yet boho look. Also, throwing on a backpack such as this one helps accessorize the outfit, and it is functional for walking around when you want to throw pretty much anything in it.

One Simple Change: Feeling chic? Wearing this outfit is perfect for many occasions, it’s just the sneakers separating it from effortless to posh. Keep everything and swap the sneakers out for a pair of heels. Wearing heels with jeans and a button-down is a trend seen everywhere nowadays, and without a doubt, it takes the outfit from easy to wow.