April 7th, 2016 at 2:00am

There is always that pang of sadness when you must pack up and put away your big, comfy winter sweaters. But don’t reach for the tissues yet, there is still hope for all sweater lovers! A trend for this spring is the lightweight, knit sweater. They are able to be paired perfectly with jeans, capris, shorts or skirts, making them great for the constant outfit swapping that comes with spring weather. Also, the lightweight material and bright colors of the sweater make you look fashionable and not weather-confused.

Spring is a tricky time of year to dress for. The weather in spring is always, always unpredictable. From rain on Monday, to sunshine on Wednesday and snow on Friday, it can be hard to know what to wear. So with the ever-changing weather of spring happening and no time to plan out three possible outfits for class, this Fashionista found the perfect combination to conquer the weather.

This Fashionista chose to pair her trendy lightweight sweater with jeans. The color of this sweater is great to brighten up any rainy April day or complement the lively colors of spring! The geometric pattern on the sweater adds a fun detail to the outfit. The shoes this Fashionista is wearing are great for walking around campus in whatever weather spring throws at you.

One Simple Change: If the weather decides to switch seasons and pretend to be summer for the day this outfit can still be in play with just a few changes. Substitute the jeans for a black circle skirt and the shoes for cute sandals and you are summer ready!