April 12th, 2016 at 2:00am

Spring has finally arrived! At last we are able to spend more time outside and change up our wardrobe for the warmer weather. In these first few weeks of spring the weather can be slightly unexpected making it difficult to know exactly how to dress. I have found so many Fashionistas/os around campus incorporating winter pieces into their spring wardrobe in creative ways so I decided to feature one of them for my April post.

This Fashionista is incorporating many winter pieces into her spring outfit that works well for the changing season. On top she is wearing a pastel-colored sweater from her winter wardrobe and pairs it with a lighter blouse with a flower pattern. On the bottom she is wearing a lighter colored pair of jeans which pairs nicely with her sweater and blouse. She is also styling a pair of winter booties, which she shows us how to incorporate into our spring wardrobe effortlessly. The color combinations and layering of the pieces in this outfit really complete the look so this Fashionista added just a few simple accessories.

One Simple Change: There are a few slight adjustments this Fashionista could make if she wanted to modify the look for a warmer spring day. Switching out the booties for a pair of sandals is one simple change that could switch up this outfit. Another alteration to the look could be to lose the sweater, making the outfit cooler for warmer days. Now that the spring weather has decided to stay try to think of creative ways you can bring your winter wardrobe right into spring.