April 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

With flowers in full bloom here at Tulane, there is no denying that spring is upon us and I am so excited! Spring is such an exciting time for street style because it’s not hot enough yet to just be wearing shorts and T-shirts, but it’s also not cold enough to hide your style behind layers of jackets and sweaters. Spring gives people, including me, a new excitement on looking cute for class so I looked to some Tulane Fashionistas for inspiration on what to wear.

As we all know, lace-up has been a huge trend this year and not just for winter.  I am still so obsessed with this trend and the good news is that it’s not going away any time soon!  A great way to transition this trend to spring is to look for brighter colors like pastels and whites. Pictured is a white lace-up bodysuit that (even though is long sleeved) looks great for spring.

Paired with this lace-up detailing is a denim skirt. Light wash denim is another big trend I have noticed in this transition from winter to spring. Light wash creates a casual, care-free look that I personally associate with spring style. The denim skirt almost counter-balances the lace-up detailing on the bodysuit to create an overall spontaneous look. And not to mention, the flat sandals just add to the effortless appearance of the outfit.

One Simple Change: Spring seems to fly by pretty quickly, especially when finals are approaching, so in order to change this outfit from spring to summer, try swapping out the denim skirt to light wash denim shorts. You can also try finding a sleeveless or short sleeve bodysuit instead of the long sleeve.