Spring has officially sprung here in Maryland, and it can be seen all over campus. Everyone has brought their shorts and flip flops out of retirement, and you can tell that we are all just ready for summer vacation. However, even with the 30 mile an hour winds that have plagued us this week, Fashionistas like this one are braving it with fun and flirty dresses.

Since spring weather can be very unpredictable, it is always a good idea to layer. This Fashionista’s white J.Crew blazer over her striped dress is perfect in case of a little breeze. She also has paired her outfit with a lot of great accessories. Her Michael Kors bag is perfect to carry a water bottle for a quick refresher, plus some textbooks to get a little studying done (or not). The fun oversized necklace adds a little excitement to the outfit plus a pop of color that definitely grabs attention. Her gold accented bracelet and watch add a level of sophistication, which counteracts the impact of the necklace. She even added a flirty red lip color to bring the look together.

This time of year is the perfect excuse to pair all colors of the rainbow in a look and get away with it like this Fashionista did with her red lip, bright blue necklace and navy and gold accents. It is also a little random in the fact that one day you’ll be wearing shorts and the next you’ll have to go back to closed-toed shoes kicking and screaming. Who knows, maybe she was wary about those sandals and packed a spare set of flats in case her toes weren’t ready to come out of hibernation yet. Despite what you have been told, I say it’s okay to mix and match pieces of your wardrobe from different seasons for the time being. Until the sun has decided to stay for good, do what you have to do to make it to summer vacation. I have faith in you!

One Simple Change: If you’re planning on taking a little hiatus from studying to hang out with some friends or maybe you even have a hot date: lose the blazer and replace the bag with something a little smaller and fun. Throw on a cute pair of shades and go where the wind takes you Fashionistas!