May 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

It’s springtime in Ohio, which means we are lucky enough to experience any variety of the seasons as each week progresses. If you go to school in a climate similar to that of Ohio’s, you could take some easy pointers from this Fashionista on what to wear for this spring season.

As college students on a predominately arts-oriented campus, we like to get around in outfits that are both comfortable and unique. This Fashionista did a spectacular job with her outfit’s spring functionality and personality. She wore black and white printed leggings with a cute “carbs” T-shirt. Prepared for possibility of showers, she carried a clear bubble umbrella and wore short rain boots. For the range of temperature throughout the day, she threw on an oversized black cardigan to tie the chic, snug look together.

The umbrella is one of my favorite understated accessories. Although an umbrella is only used when needed, it is a mod accessory in its own way–especially the transparent bubbles. Adding an eye-catching piece to her look, this Fashionista carried a light blue cross-body bag. In the jewelry department, she put a feminine play on a leisurely look with beautifully cohesive gold tones–a bow ring, shark-tooth necklace and kate spade watch. She complemented the touch of femininity in her look with a baby pink lace bralette that peeks out from underneath her loose top.

Spring is the season to enjoy the transition of weather, whatever that may be on your campus. Play with your own wardrobe in comfort and causality and then accessorize with some accent pieces…and a bubble umbrella.

One Simple Change: Are you heading out with friends after a long day and want to be comfortable all night? Leave on your leggings and T-shirt, but throw on some heeled (rain) booties and a leather jacket or quirky denim jacket.