March 30th, 2016 at 2:00am

At last, we can finally go outside be adventurous and look fashionable while doing it. Spring has officially arrived and let’s hope it’s here to stay. The best part of warm weather is you do not have all those extra layers weighing you down and you can wear less clothing. Although, we all know that awkward stage at the beginning of spring where the weather is little unpredictable but this fashionista represents the ideal outfit for such occasion.

This Fashionista is wearing a flowy black floral long sleeve with white jeans. A black fedora hat adding to the bohemian flowy look. The cutout booties to gives this look more of an edge and when paired up with the hat takes it to the next extreme, of being fierce. Although this Fashionista is decked out in monochrome colors; she added just a splash of color on her lips for a fresh spring look (lipstick). This look is the perfect spring look to start off the season because we all know the first month of spring the weather becomes a little awkward. It’s hot one day and the next day it’s freezing cold and raining. The long pants and long sleeve are ideal for the questionable whether. This way, the Fashionista will not have a wardrobe malfunction if the weather drastically changes throughout the day. The bright white pants almost scream that spring is here. Flowy clothes like the long sleeved one this Fashionista is wearing is made especially for warmer weather. A flowy top just expresses how careless and free the spring is, which this Fashionista represents superbly. The bold magenta colored lip this Fashionista is rocking pulls the look together and adds a spring flare.

One Simple Change: This Fashionista could take this outfit from a spring to summer look with one modification to her attire. She could swap out the white jeans for a pair of distressed light washed, high-waisted shorts. The shorts make it a summer look because they are more appropriate for the weather. The monochromatic colors she’s wearing would also complement a pair of light washed denim shorts.