March 31st, 2016 at 2:00am

Spring is filled with many beautiful things; flowers start blooming, snow starts melting and most importantly people stop freezing. It marks transition not only in weather, but most clearly in everyone’s wardrobe. Spring is the time where people wiggle out of their warm winter coats and get reacquainted with all the cute lightweight clothing that they left behind. Spring is a great time in fashion, but for some people it can be difficult to dress for. Depending on where you live, the weather could be all over the place and hard to lock down an outfit. Luckily though, this Fashionista is showing us a foolproof outfit that will get you through all the April showers and bring you right on into the beautiful May flowers.

A great thing about spring is the return of color to wardrobes. Sometimes winter can get bogged down with black and other dark colors that it is nice to see some lighter options in spring. This Fashionista is giving a great balance of color in her outfit with her blue denim jacket, her army green high-waisted pants and her camel colored booties. The jacket is cropped and very light weight which is a great transition from the bulky and longer jackets of winter. It is also great if you live in a place where spring is still on the chilly side. This jacket will keep you warm. Her army green pants are a perfect transition item because it is not too bright that it would be considered too summery but it is just the perfect pop of color to deem this outfit perfect for spring. The camel booties were a great choice instead of a black bootie because camel is a great spring color and it also adds another element of dimension to the outfit.

One Simple Change: For a season swap, in fall, instead of wearing a sleeveless top under the denim jacket, opt for a long sleeve or a sweater to keep you warm.