March 30th, 2016 at 2:10am

Given Missouri’s current weather conditions, I’d say it’s time to start unpacking those spring clothes and taking off the layers! Spring is in full bloom which means Fashionista/os across college campuses are flaunting off trends. Watch out Fashionistas, spring 2016 holds high potential to be the season of the Fashionistos. This Fashionisto clearly knows his way around spring trends and flaunts the perfect outfit for warmer occasions.

Transitioning into warmer weather means adjusting to the different temperatures that hit us throughout the day. Occasionally the mornings have been cooler here in Missouri but, as we progress through the day, temperatures have been settling around the mid-60’s. What does this mean for outfits then? Well, this Fashionisto exemplifies a versatile outfit that is both comfortable and stylish in the vast change of temperature through the day.

His beanie and Vans complement each other by bringing out a pop of red to his laid-back look. He paired darker washed jeans with a relaxed gray top for comfort. His messenger bag ties together his whole outfit by adding a little sophistication. The final touch to this look is his scarf, which is lighter in fabric and perfect for being out and about.

This Fashionisto’s outfit is perfect for class, shopping or getting coffee. Light layers, like the scarf and beanie, are ideal for temperature changes we experience in the spring. I have seen more and more Fashionistos stepping up their shoe game, especially during the warmer months. This Fashionisto’s outfit would be perfect paired with Birkenstocks, some oxfords or even a light boot.

One Simple Change: A simple shoe change and a switch of some elements in this outfit and you’re ready for Sunday brunch! Replace the jeans with black skinny jeans, Vans with boots, plaid scarf with a solid black scarf and the beanie with a black fedora. Make this quick switch and you’re all set for brunch. Bon appetit!