Happy spring season! The sun is starting to shine more, flowers are starting to bloom, the air is getting warmer and the jackets are starting to shed. New Yorkers are finally flaunting their spring fashion, which means more opportunities for the people of New York City to show off their true Fashionista/o colors. New spring fashion can be found anywhere from the streets of SoHo to strolls in the park, which is where I found this Fashionista enjoying the warmer weather in a her own stylish way.

This Fashionista rocks the springtime look with touches of French inspiration. She wears accessories such as modern, chic cat-eye sunglasses and a beret, which helps emanate the French vibe; however, the colors of the sunglasses help give off a lighter tone that is perfect for the season. The beret also works as a way to make the glasses, red lips and this Fashionista’s lavender colored hair stand out. This Fashionista continues her French look with her Comme de Garcon shirt and Comme de Garcon Converse shoes, which gives off a hint of scarlet red. Pairing contrasting colors such as white, navy blue and pops of red creates a more modern and chic look, perfect for strolling in the park during the warmer days. Using strategic color-blocking is a great way to still bring out a springtime feel without having to include the typical floral patterns or common pastel color trends that most people like to wear during this season.

One Simple Change: Even though spring is starting to roll in, as the sun starts to set the air does start to cool down again. Pair this look with a lightweight, knit gray cardigan to maintain that light and airy springtime essence while providing the warmth you need when transitioning from day to night.