March 23rd, 2016 at 2:10am

It’s March, which means spring has sprung and warmer weather is starting to arrive. (Thank goodness!) More students are out and the flowers are blooming, bringing liveliness back to campus. It’s time to ditch the dark winter colors and bring in the pastels, just like this Fashionista does with her casual yet classy look.

In a sea of black and navy winter jackets, I spotted this Fashionista as she was getting coffee. Her pastel pink coat stood out amongst the drab looking crowd. I like this look because for spring many people flock to overly bright patterns or floral prints. She keeps it simple, focusing on pastels that make a statement without overdoing it.

She pairs her pink coat with a lighter, champagne pink sweater. The sweater adds detail to the outfit with its small embellishments at the top. The layering is a smart move as well, since one day it can be snowing and then next day it’s 65 degrees and sunny. Then, the navy slim fit pants with the dark gray Roshe Run Nikes give the outfit that sophisticated and effortless street-wear look. Comfy and cute, this Fashionista knows how to perfectly mix both.

One Simple Change: Just by switching the Nikes for a pair of heels, you can take this from a class/coffee run outfit to a chic work or presentation look. Add some simple jewelry such as bracelets or rings, which would complete the change. Any spring day isn’t complete without a great outfit like this!