Spring: it’s our graduation from winter and our initiation into summer. Unfortunately with each new season, Fashionista/os alike are served a new set of weather-imposed, stylistic stumbling blocks.

Spring, known for its shifty weather, creates a whole lot of confusion when riffling through our wardrobes. From daytime to nighttime, temperatures can range from bitter to sweltering, and the same goes for precipitation—seemingly undying sun followed by torrential downpours. So, having a wide array of options in our repertoires is a must.

Thankfully, among all the shifting sun and showers, Spring’s inconsistencies also allow for heightened versatility. Needless to say, this Fashionista’s show-stopping look is proof of that.

This Fashionista—who dressed for the day’s hot temperatures and humidity—effectively mixed a variety of fabrics adhering to the increasingly popular “boho” aesthetic. There’s no “how to” manual that comes with boho styling, but there are certain patterns, cuts and fabrics that give way to its vintage feel: lace, fringe, floral and denim. All of these are common closet dwellers, so carefully layering them can provide differing variations of this same look.

After looking through her lace and filing through her florals, this Fashionista married her lace bralette halter top with these ripped denim shorts alongside this lengthy, sheer kimono with fringe ends. The kimono’s vibrant floral pattern—intentionally matched with this Fashionista’s hot pink lip color—provides the look with a pop of color and supports its springy vibe.

This Fashionista’s floppy hat and tan lita heels, both falling on the lighter end of the outfit’s color scheme, balance the ensemble out from its top and bottom. Also, adding a bit of flare, she chose chunky, metallic jewelry like her bold, floral ring, which just so happened to enforce the kimono’s pattern.

While this outfit is suited for warm, summer-like spring days, each article has an easily accessible, warmer equivalent fit for spring’s cooler moment.

One Simple Change: This look, fit for a casual, daytime excursion, can be easily transitioned into appropriate “girl’s night out” attire with a few minimal tweaks. First, exchanging the jean shorts for a pair of loosely fitted boyfriend jeans will provide a bit of warmth for spring’s chillier nights. Likewise, if needed, the sheer kimono can be exchanged for one of a heavier, cotton or wool fabric.